Friday, December 4, 2009

Honda Civic Sense

Yesterday we had gone to the market and had parked our car in the clearly demarcated parking slots that are available (surprise, surprise). This was of course with the expectation that when we come back, we will be able to zoom off in the car. But, no, of course not, we live in a land of educated people who don’t have any civic sense even if they are driving around Honda Civics’ (or is Honda City)! When we came back, we found a Honda City parked lengthwise right behind our car. We hoped that the car was in neutral gear and tried to move it. But, no such luck! The car also had a sticker for Punjab and High Court advocate parking indicating that the car-owner was a man of influence (in India, the advocate ‘baradri’-clique- is at top-of –the-ladder in society’s echelons). We tried to find out from a couple of shops whether anybody knew the owner or was one himself. But, no such luck. After some time, a short wheat-colored cute roly-poly guy could be seen strolling to the car with a packet of medicines. On being reprimanded, his excuse was that “I had to buy medicines”. And, what about civic sense. He said, “I am very sorry”. And, that was that.
I guess that the traffic cops need to introduce a challan for this also. Maybe, then the citizenry will come to their senses. Of course, that it will add to the cops kitty is another story altogether.

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