Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lady Godiva - movie review

The DVD cover of this movie says it all "the ultimate Brit love story" and "chick flick". As a chick flick, thankfully it is short and not too cloyingly sweet.
The story is suppose to be based on a true one where Lady Godiva went through the town naked on a horse on the bet laid by her busband around 1040 AD. Strangely, it was the husband himself who was the bad guy as he challenged his wife to ride naked through the streets of the town if she wanted the taxes laid by him on the town-people to be reduced. She decided to take up the dare and did exactly that - she rode through the town naked on a horse with her long tresses covering her chest. However, the people of the town turned their backs on her and did not take a look at her while she rode through the town. Except, for one man who was a tailor and it is said that the phrase 'peeping Tom' has its origins in this story.
The movie takes off on this premise. A modern-day young woman - Jemima Honey played by Phoebe Thomas - who is trying to save her dead brother's art gallery is challenged by her modern suave charming dare-devil guy-friend - Michael Bartle played by Matthew Chambers - to save the gallery by riding naked through the streets of Oxford. There are also some kids who attend a workshop at the art gallery. She is initially offended but later on decides to take up the offer on the behest of the kids. And, then, strangely enough we have a scene where Michael tells Jemima that he will not marry her if she does ride through the town naked and that she has to make the choice between the art gallery or him.
Duhhhhhhhh - first of all you lay the bet and then you can't cope with the feelings. Later on, of course, all things tie up together and we have a happy ending with a Prince William thrown in for some effect.
Acting wise, a dismal movie. As a directorial venture, it could have been done better. The script could have been tightened up. All right for the 88 minutes long movie and ideal for a lazy afternoon when one is snoozing and watching the movie through half-sleepy eyes. 2 stars out of 5.

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